Computer Fundamentals

 Certificate In Information Technology Application (6 months)

 Diploma in Information Technology Application (12 months)

 Certificate In Computer Application (6 months)

 Diploma In Office Management (12 months)

 Diploma In Computer Application (12 months)

 Diploma In E-Learning And Mobile Gaming (12 months)

 Certificate In Software Installation And Trouble Shooting

 Diploma In Software Development (12 months)

Computer Programming Languages

 Elixir Programming language(6 Month)

 Python (High-level programming language 6 Month)

 Certificate In Programming In C Language

 Certificate In Programming in C++

 Certificate In Programming In JAVA

 Certificate In Programming In Visual Basic

 Diploma In Oracle And DBMS (6 months)

Web And Graphic Design

 Diploma In AutoCAD (6 months)

 Diploma In WEB Designing (12 months)

 Certificate In Graphic Design – Corel Draw

 Certificate In Graphic Design – Photoshop

 Advanced Certificate In Advertising Management

 Advanced Certificate In Public Relation

 Certificate In Event Management

 Advanced Certificate In Digital Marketing

 Diploma In PRO-WEB Designing (6 months)

 Advance Internet Program

DTP, Multimedia And Animation

 Diploma In 3D Animation (12 months)

 Certificate In Desktop Publication (6 months)

 Diploma In Desktop Publication (12 months)

 Certificate In Basic Multimedia (6 months)

 Diploma In Multimedia Star (12 months)

 Diploma In Animation (12 months)

 Diploma In Multimedia And Web Technology (12 months)

 Diploma In Computer Application And Desktop Publication (12 months)

 Certificate in Photo Editing

 Certificate in Video Editing

 Diploma In Audio And Video Editing (12 months)

Beautician, Tailoring And Interior Design

 Certificate In Beautician (6 months)

 Diploma In Professional Beautician (12 months)

 Diploma In PRO-Fashion Design (6 months)

 Advance Diploma In PRO-Fashion Design (12 months)

 Diploma In Fashion Design (12 months)

 Diploma In PRO-Interior Designing (12 months)

 Diploma in Embroidery (12 months)

 Diploma In Ladies Tailoring (12 months)

 Certificate In Cutting And Tailoring (6 months)

 Advanced Diploma In Ladies Tailoring (12 months)

Miscellaneous Courses

 Library Attendant-12 months

 Business Analytics: Identifying and Capturing Value Through Data

 Basic Spoken English Course (3 months)

 Spoken English And Communication Skill (6 months)

 Diploma In Computer Professional (12 months)

 Diploma In Computer Teacher Training (12 months)

Hardware And Networking

 Diploma In Hardware And Networking (12 months)

 Certificate in Computer System Administration

 Certificate in Virtualization & Cloud Computing

 Diploma In PC Maintenance (6 months)

 Diploma In Hardware Maintenance (6 months)

 Diploma In Computer Networking (6 months)

 Wireless Networking And Mobile Computing (12 months)

 Diploma In Data Recovery (12 months)

 Diploma In Printer Service Training (12 months)

 Mobile Maintenance (6 months)

 Diploma In PC And Mobile Maintenance (12 months)

Play School

 Talk Right

 Digital Classrooms

 Handwriting Olympaid


 Kiddie Arts

 Vedic Math

 Naughty Math

 Write Right

 Pre School

 Play School

Ethical System



 Computer Forensic

 Diploma in Information Security Advance

 Diploma in Information Security

 Certificate Course In Wireless Networks

 Data Mining and Business Intelligence for Cyber Security Applications Program

 Certificate In Cyber Security

Affiliation & Collaboration