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The main goal of "S.G.E.I" is to impart quality vocational training to India's urban and rural youths, to make them self sufficient and employable. Our franchisee program is an initiative towards this goal. Let us join hands to reduce unemployment among youths of the districts, semi-urban and rural area and make this mission a success. We are providing some free courses approved by the Government and also some highly popular courses tested and tailor made according to the demand of the industries. These courses make us easier to place the students in different industries through our placement programs.

Our Support to all training centre:
  1. Every franchisee can use our brand.
  2. If required we provide staff and faculty training to all of our franchisee.
  3. Organise various interactive sessions and events or seminars to promote your business.
  4. Franchisee support system at low cost.
  5. Placement assistance for the students.
  6. Industrial training programs are conducted and assistance provided.
  7. Updated course content synchronized with the current industry demand and trends.
  8. Benefit share in autonomous courses.
  9. Benefit share in CSR projects.
  10. Course materials, training kits, books and audio visual materials are provided for most courses.
  11. High performing franchisees can become a part of our scholarship program, events and other activities organized at national level as well as state level.
  12. Provide equipment and hardware at low cost.
  13. Marketing support by our marketing team.
  14. Our Self Support System will provide necessary support to the students.
  15. Marketing material like banner, flex, hoardings, news letter, pamphlets and other interior marketing material.
  16. Cash award for high performing and productive franchisee.
  17. Quality control through regular survey.

Our Certificate valid in all employment exchange.


Depend On Centre Area Lifetime.

*No other Charges.

Examination charges :

Rs.300/- for 6months Courses

Rs.400/- for 12months Courses.

District Franchisee:

Our district franchiser get more benifit and royalty from our self finance course.


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